The Broken Islands amalgamate elements of post-rock; shoegaze; trip-hop and any number of dark-wave permutations to come up with what might well be a genre in its own right. Weaving crashing guitars around delicate, zephyr-like vocals they effortlessly combine vast organic soundscapes to generate an other-worldly sonic experience.



“As the world rapidly deteriorates, and conflict seemingly becomes commonplace in our everyday lives, Wars, the debut album by Vancouver’s The Broken Islands, couldn’t be more aptly titled. The conflict that resides in this album is internal, emotionally assessing pains of the heart, often taken for granted in the pursuit of the common good. Singer Rachelle Boily unabashedly exposes her wounds on tracks like “Crown” and “El Dorado” while post punk rhythms fuse harmoniously with glittery pop elements, colourfully aiding us through the healing process. Calming soundscapes pave the way for a kaleidoscope of rich instrumentation on tracks like “Till I Sleep” without over saturating the songs and allowing us time to breathe and reflect. Wars is as luminous as it is melancholic; a therapeutic journey that explores love and loss , with the goal of hopefully attaining some kind of inner peace. That’s what we want isn’t it?”

Beatroute Magazine - Canada

"From the rainy remoteness of Vancouver come Broken Islands, who combine the ruggedness and starkness of their surroundings with an intensity and burning rage which results in one of the most arresting debuts in the last twelve months.....Broken Islands, with one track alone, can remind you what music can be and what power it holds. You can explore the album for further  enlightenment for yourselves – no spoilers"

Indie Biscuts -Wales, UK

"Wars is a staggeringly accomplished album, from the jauntily robotic No-One Left to Kill, which sounds like Morcheeba with murder on their mind; the devastating majesty of Crown, to the soaring, chiming peaks of El Dorado, they are a band who challenge convention and expectation, weaving crashing guitars around delicate, zephyr-like vocals and who can effortlessly combine vast organic soundscapes with yesterday’s sound of the future. Packed with emotion, malevolence, tenderness, and paradoxes, The Broken Islands are the band that offers hope to a rock scene devoid of intelligence and true drama."

Jammerzine -Chicago, USA

"The Broken Island are a Vancouver based band that have a multi genre that create their own unique sound with a variety of genre’s including post-rock; shoegaze; trip-hop and dark wave.  The new album takes you on a whirlwind which has beats that make you dance and vocals that gives it that extra special sound.

Sang with with so much professionalism and one that you wont have off repeat."

Music of the Future -London, UK

"In a world of musical conformity – nay, let’s be honest: atrocities even – clogging the media as dreadful people are bigged up as the next big thing by doing precisely nothing of worth,  it’s always a joy to hear something new that is genuinely musically impressive. Vancouver band The Broken Islands come as a real breath of fresh air with their new album Wars, which collects together a selection of emotive, drivingly passionate songs that, in a sane world, would push them to the top of the musical tree."

Reprobate Magazine - UK


No one left to kill

Album "WARS" 2017

Solid State

Album "masquerade" 2019


Album "WARS" 2017


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