Another blog about branding?

Airline branding. Hmmm.

There are plenty of blogs out there that discuss branding, and a considerable amount that appeal to the aviation enthusiast. There are even a few that marry those two together to discuss aviation industry branding. However, many of those hybrid blogs are only viewing things from a graphic design perspective or merely from a marketing communications viewpoint.

As a creative professional with over 20 years experience, I thought I would lend a unique look at the actual branding of the airline industry from a creative perspective. To many, branding is simply a logo, perhaps a livery and a website design.  Branding is much more than that.  It is the personality, or a memory of a business or product—good or bad.  It is the essence, if it could be boiled down and left as a reduction, of what is retained by your experience with the company or product. An airline has so many customer interactions from the moment you begin looking for a ticket to when you finally arrive back home, that for a branding consultant, it is a really desirable industry in which to hang your hat.

I’m simply writing this for fun, since I’m passionate about creative branding strategies and I am an aviation nerd. Ever since my dad used to take me to Toronto airport to watch the planes come and go at a young age, I’ve been fascinated about airlines.  Having travelled extensively for business and pleasure, I’ve also had the fortune of flying on some of the best, and the worst airlines in the world. My perspective is tinted with a creative professional’s viewpoint and I look at all aspects of branding through those unique lenses.

Believe it or not, it is an exciting time for branding and especially in the airline industry. Reaching customers and marketing your product has had a significant upheaval as of late and I’m going to try to examine and explain how this has changed, and the potential opportunities that exist. Of course, I’ll also look at failures and try to analyze what may have gone wrong. I’m certain I will get some things wrong, and I invite discourse to help me understand.

Thanks for reading.